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We’ve got the website, we’ve got the admin talent; now, we need the technicians! We’re looking for keen, attentive technicians with strong problem solving skills to join our growing team.

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We're after the Best Brightest Nerdiest Inspired Pros

Have you got one or more of the following skills & want to grow your skillset?

Computer Repairs Sunshine Coast Support
Computer Repairs

Are you skilled in computer repairs? Maybe you’ve built some computers & have a basic understanding of how the hardware operates?

Computer Repairs Sunshine Coast
Laptop Repairs

Ever taken apart a laptop & seen how similar it is to a desktop? Laptops can be tedious & we want you to know how to fix one

iPhone Applications
Tablets - iPad & Android

Have you got an iPad or a Samsung tablet? Have you setup new iCloud accounts? Join us & we’re sure you will!

Computer Repairs 404 Sunshine Coast
Home Office & Small Business

Things start to get more technical when you’re talkin’ business. We need you to be quite experienced to work on business technology.

Printer Repairs Sunshine Coast

Printers can be frustrating – If you dont know how they work. Have you got the know-how to connect printers & install drivers?

Networking Network

Modem plugs into router, plugs into switch, plugs into access point, printer, servers & computers. Do you understand networking?

Virus & Malware Removal IT Infrastructure
IT Security

Cyber security is at the forefront of IT nowadays. You need experience, how are you going to get that? By going onsite & learning it!

Samsung Learning

Similarly to tablets, you need to know the basics of how phones operate. How to setup accounts, emails, software, etc.

Email Services
Email Solutions

We work with Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, Bigpond & many others. Can you support these email systems? If so, we need you!

IT Security Virus
Virus & Malware Removal

Every technician needs to know how to remove malware & viruses, it’s imperative in the IT industry! Have you got the experience here?

Computer Repairs OS
Custom Computers

One of our technicians has built over 300 computers. How many have you built? Can you find the appropriate parts for the job?

Who we want

We don’t want scrubs! We want people who are excited to learn & grow. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be a 5-year+ professional who’s worked in every are of the industry. It means you need to have the mindset to learn, for many, these roles are their first in the IT industry – think of it as jumping in the deep end.

Grow with us or grow out of us; but just grow in general. We want you to fix, repair, be nice to the customers, but most importantly – learn. You may already have a job in IT, maybe you’re studying IT? That’s fine, most My Computer Repairs jobs will be before or after the average daytime job/study.

For us, at the end of the day it’s about the customer, you & us. We want the customer to be happy & appreciate your services & we want you to be happy with the way we run things.

Come join the team!

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