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Home Office & Small Business


Supporting Home Offices & Small Business

Not everyone can justify paying for an office space or dedicated IT Support & just wants to work from the comfort of their own home – We can definitely get onboard with that! With this comes the associated issues though; maybe your son/daughter setup your network or built your computer, now something isn’t working – That’s where we come in.
We’re your onsite ‘come to you’ computer & networking solutions shop. With experienced computer technicians & a great remote support team to help them out when they’re in a struggle, rest assured, you’re in great hands! Just think of us as your on-call computer doctor!

We come to you to fix your stuff

Keep in mind, these are broad strokes. We do many things, too many to list! Give us a call to see if we can help you with something we missed.

Data Recovery /Backup

Data is the single most important thing in a computer – Because if it’s gone, it’s gone! We can help recover & back up data.

Hardware Repairs / Installs

Data is the single most important thing in a computer – Because if it’s gone, it’s gone! We can help recover & back up data.


How frustrating can it be when something won’t work or install? Yes, we know all about it, it’s our profession!

Software Installs / Issues

Will that software just not install? Is it crashing all the time? Don’t worry, these are our specialties. We can fix almost anything.

Training / Teaching

We’re experts in the general computing world. Not only is this our profession, but we’re nerds through-and-through, let us teach you.

Operating System Issues

Has WIndows 7 decided “Hey, I’m going to upgrade to Windows 10” & now you’re loaded with blue screens? Yep, we can fix it.

Virus & Malware Removal

Dodgy emails coming from your account? Online accounts being hacked left, right & center? Yep, time to call in the experts.

IT Security

It’s not like it was 20 years ago, it’s not even like it was 5 years ago. Times change & so do hacker’s methods. Get secure today.

Why We're Here

Home offices are great, truly, you get to work from home, sit with the cat, take regular breaks. But, with this comes the issues of sometimes working on domestic grade hardware. We’ve found that home offices tend to have domestic-grade routers, computers, phones, Wi-Fi extenders, etc. This is fine, until it stops working & your business efficiency just plummets!

So, what happens when your computers or network decide “hey, I’m not going to play today” … well, you call us obviously. You might Google ‘small business computer support near me’ & think “I’ll just take it there”. Ok, that’s fine, but they open at 9:00am & close at 5:00pm, this might have happened at 5:15pm. We can be there at 6:00am or maybe 7:30pm, we’re ok with this, we’re nerds, we stay up late anyway!

Seriously though, your business is important to us. Truly, any number of things can go wrong, including, hardware malfunctions, virus infections, network issues, operating system upgrades gone wrong; just like a car, it can break. Our technicians can’t fix everything, just like a mechanic can’t fix your car that’s broken in half, but you can be damn sure we’ll give it our best go. So, for home office & small business support in your area or anywhere in Australia we hope we’re your first port of call.


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Jackson from My Computer Repairs came to my house and fixed my poor MacBook Pro. Very happy with the service, for amazing onsite computer technicians on the Sunshine Coast, I highly recommend these guys!!!

Jason S.

Some Statistics For Your Curious Mind
Small businesses aren’t what they used to be – Afraid of computer & change! In fact, over the past few years statistics have shown that small businesses are the on the frontier of many modern technologies. This is largely due to the change from the old software sales model of ‘pay thousands now for the software, then pay for support’ to the modern ‘subscription’ model. This allows the average joe with 1 – 5 computers to really skyrocket their processes. We love this! (Source – Insight)

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My Computer Repairs is now operating under Absolute IT.
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