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Smartphones Broken

Keep in mind, these are broad strokes. We do many things, too many to list! Give us a call to see if we can help you with something we missed.

Samsung Learning
Training / Teaching​

We’re experts in the Smartphones world. Not only is this our profession, but we’re nerds through-and-through, let us teach you.

iPad Support Infected
Virus & Malware Removal

Dodgy pop-ups on your smartphone? Online accounts being hacked left, right & center? Yep, time to call in the experts.

iPhone Applications
Software Installs / Issues

Will that app just not install? Is it crashing all the time? Don’t worry, these are our specialties. We can fix almost anything.

iPad Support teaching

How frustrating can it be when something won’t work or install? Yes, we know all about it, it’s our profession!

Why We're Here

Smartphones aren’t just a phone, they run our lives! Without a smartphone, we lose our GPS, 24/7 access to Google’s infinite knowledge & Candy Crush. We can’t accept a life like this! So, what happens when your smartphone decides “hey, I’m not going to play today” … well, you call us obviously. You might Google ‘smartphone support shop near me’ & think “I’ll just take it there”. Ok, that’s fine, but they open at 9:00am & close at 5:00pm, when do you start/finish work? We can be there at 6:00am or maybe 7:30pm, we’re ok with this, we’re nerds, we stay up late anyway!

Seriously though, your smartphone is important to us. Truly, any number of things can go wrong, including, hardware malfunctions, virus infections, dodgy software installed, operating system upgrades gone wrong, storage maxed out; just like a car, it can break. Our technicians can’t fix everything, just like a mechanic can’t fix your car that’s broken in half, but you can be damn sure we’ll give it our best go. So, for smartphone repairs in your area or anywhere in Australia we hope we’re your first port of call.

Smartphones support
Some Statistics For Your Curious Mind

Apples iOS & Android have dominated the market for many years now, with almost 97% of all phone sales using one of these operating systems. Apple having a global market share of 22.8% & Android having 74.45%. However, this breakdown doesn’t speak for total sales by individual companies; looking at this, Apple is the winner. When looking at USA, Apple has 52% of the market share with Samsung coming second with 24.27%. Now, we all know Apple costs more too, so it’s no mystery why they’re the richest company in the world! (Source: Macworld UK)

It’s about time you gave us a call to come provide you with some expert Apple & Android support services!

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