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IT Security Broken

Keep in mind, these are broad strokes. We do many things, too many to list! Give us a call to see if we can help you with something we missed.

Scam Awareness Training

Hackers are masters of disguise; whether it be emails, website or dodgy downloads. Let us teach you how to be on the lookout.

IT Security Passwords
Password Management

Do you use a password management application? Are your passwords strong? Using the same password for everything? Let’s fix these.

General Check-over

Maybe you just need a once over to tell you how you can improve your overall IT security environment? We can tell you what’s wrong!

Computer Repairs Virus
Virus & Malware Removal

Dodgy emails coming from your account? Online accounts being hacked left, right & center? Yep, time to call in the experts.

Why We're Here

Honestly, the lack of IT cyber security being taken seriously by the Australian public is astonishing. We can understand that you’re not running NASA from your home, but it is important none the less to at least follow the minimum standard of IT security basics. So, what happens when you make the decision to take your computer security seriously? Well, you call us obviously. You might Google ‘IT security consulting near me’ & think “I’ll just take it there”. Ok, that’s fine, but they open at 9:00am & close at 5:00pm, this might have happened at 5:15pm. We can be there at 6:00am or maybe 7:30pm, we’re ok with this, we’re nerds, we stay up late anyway!

Seriously though, your IT & network security is important to us. Truly, any number of things can go wrong, including email scams, malicious websites, network vulnerabilities, out-of-date security patches compromised; your computer could be hacked right now! So, for IT & network security services in your area or anywhere in Australia we hope we’re your first port of call.

IT Security Thieves
Some Statistics For Your Curious Mind

Australians lost $500 Million to scams in 2018; an increase of $140 Million (28%) from the year before & these are only reported scams. With these scams only increasing every year, every industry, from accounting to construction must stay ahead of the curve, increasing Cyber Security. If this does not worry you, nearly 3 out of 4 companies infected with ransomware due to scams are down in best case for 2+ days with an average loss of $713,000 per incident. Can you afford these costs? (Source: Absolute IT)

It’s about time you gave us a call to come provide you with some expert IT Cyber Security services!

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