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Networking Broken

Keep in mind, these are broad strokes. We do many things, too many to list! Give us a call to see if we can help you with something we missed.

Computer Repairs Learning
Training / Teaching

We’re experts in the general networking world. Let us teach you so you can fix it yourself next time saving some money.

Networking Support WiFi
New Setups

Need a new internet connection? Maybe some new hardware? We can extend the range of your Wi-Fi if it isnt quite strong enough?

Networking Network

How frustrating can it be when something won’t work like simply connecting to Wi-Fi? Yes, we know all about it, it’s our profession!

Computer Repairs Hackers
Network Security

It’s not like it was 20 years ago, it’s not even like it was 5 years ago. Times change & so do hacker’s methods. Get secure today.

Why We're Here

Ok, so it’s apparent that networks, Wi-Fi & the internet in general can be frustrating at times. Remember that time you kept trying to connect to your Wi-Fi with the same password & it just NEVER worked? (Now that’s insanity!). So, what happens when your network decides “hey, I’m not going to play today” … well, you call us obviously. You might Google ‘IT network support near me’ & think “I’ll just take it there”. Ok, that’s fine, but they open at 9:00am & close at 5:00pm, this might have happened at 5:15pm. We can be there at 6:00am or maybe 7:30pm, we’re ok with this, we’re nerds, we stay up late anyway!

Seriously though, your network is important to us. Truly, any number of things can go wrong, including, hardware malfunctions, a dead switch, Wi-Fi issues, modem / router firmware upgrades gone wrong; just like a car, it can break. Our technicians can’t fix everything, just like a mechanic can’t fix your car that’s broken in half, but you can be damn sure we’ll give it our best go. So, for network support in your area or anywhere in Australia we hope we’re your first port of call.

Networking Cloud
Some Statistics For Your Curious Mind

This might shock you to your very core as a daily internet abuser, but We’re actually the lowest global users of the internet. That’s right, we only make up a measly 0.6% of total internet usage worldwide (This also includes New Zealand & those folks down in Tassy). You’ll never guess who is the highest user, ok you might – Asia with a whopping 50% globally! Seriously guys, we need to get more people on the internet! (Source – IWS)

It’s about time you gave us a call to come provide you with some quality Networking support!

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