Why Coronavirus has increased scams globally

How much are people losing to COVID-19? Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, losses of over 1 million dollars just in Australia! This is based off of only 2700 reports, which only accounts for people/companies that have ‘reported’ scams. If we had a choice, we’d just recommend no one uses email… Obviously, this isn’t tenable until […]

How do we hide our internet traffic?

Want to hide your internet traffic? Do you worry that someone may be watching what you’re doing on the internet, or worse – Your IP address being tracked?! Get VPN protected by downloading VPN software from a reputable VPN company to securing your connection. Whether you’re on a website that’s banned in your country, trying […]

5G Is On Its Way!

Say goodbye to 4G & hello to 5G! All going well, in the next few years we’ll start to experience major speed increases from our next gen phones. The release of 5G will see better ranges and a lot faster download/upload speeds. To put it in perspective, 4G speeds max out around 300Mbps. 5G speeds […]

Is your data safe in the cloud?

How secure is your cloud storage? Are you using iCloud, Onedrive, Dropbox, SharePoint or an app that stores your passwords in the cloud, etc? Is yours data really safe up in the air where hackers can attack with ease? These are fair questions. No matter what a company might be telling you, there’s no sure […]