Why Coronavirus has increased scams globally

Why Coronavirus has increased scams globally

How much are people losing to COVID-19?

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, losses of over 1 million dollars just in Australia! This is based off of only 2700 reports, which only accounts for people/companies that have ‘reported’ scams.

If we had a choice, we’d just recommend no one uses email… Obviously, this isn’t tenable until a more secure solution is widely adopted as a replacement.


How can you avoid scams?

Now, we’ve established that you can’t just ‘stop’ using email. So, whats the next best thing? A decent approach to security.

  • Dodgy emails – These come in all varieties, from Saudi princes to a simple DropBox link. It’s best to do an online course or hire an IT consultant to teach you how to protect yourself.
  • Anti-virus solution – Everyone needs an anti-virus. No matter how safe you are, you’re bound to one day click on a malicious link or install software that isn’t 100% trusted. Think of it as your last bastion of defence.
  • Hardware firewall – This comes in many forms. We would call this a unified threat management device (UTM). What this does is monitors all of your incoming/outgoing network traffic & identifies, then blocks any traffic deemed malicious. These can cost as little as $250.
  • Email filtering system – There are plenty of email filtering solutions out there that will filter all emails before they hit your email portal. Generally subscription based for as little as $10 a month, you need this in this day & age!
  • Cyber Insurance – It’s true, you can protect yourself financially from cyber scams. If you are caught by a fraudster on the web & the bank isn’t feeling nice, you’re stuck without cyber insurance.
  • IT Consultant – There is a lot to take in. Sometimes, just like a mechanic for your car; it makes sense to just leave your IT up to the professionals – Like us. We’ll make a full assessment of your IT Security.